Fisk Automotive Machine Shop
Serving Charleston since 1969

We make it work
Fisk Auto Machine Shop is a full service shop .  We offer cylinder head repair, block boring and honing, as well as wheel bearing installation, flywheel refacing, and broken bolt removal.  But what our customers love most is that we make it work.  Every part that leaves our shop, no matter the budget, has to perform and we pride ourselves on not letting  a job out the door that cant meet our standards.

Cylinder Heads
.Cylinder head work we offer:  
-Valve Job
-Pressure Testing
-Guide Repair
-Seat Repair
Engine Blocks
Block work we offer:
-Bore / Hone
-Cam Bearing and Freeze Plug Install
-Cook/Blast Cleaning.
-Sleeve Install
Other Work 
We Offer other services:
-Wheel and Axel bearing press work
-Flywheel refacing 
-Crankshaft polishing and turning
-Broken bolt removal
-Even More!
These gentlemen are 100% professional lifesavers.
R. Everett
Great Place! Good quality work and very knowledgeable
D. Bates
Contact Me
5808 Carolyn St
Hanahan, SC 29410
Hours: 8:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday
-Appointments not required. 
-No need to call, just bring your part.
-Please strip your parts.  For example remove the manifold, and brackets from cylinder heads.